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BGL BNP Paribas Luxembourg

Your Web Banking

Your Web Banking

Discover the functionalities of your Web Banking service. Find the answers to all the questions you may have when you use the site.


Web Banking App

Web Banking notifications

Web Banking app notifications alert you in the event of any changes to your account balance, debits, credits or if you receive a new secure message.

To activate notifications and receive them directly to your smartphone, log in to the app. Click Menu, then under Settings select Notifications.

Activate notifications by accepting the terms of use with your Token; you can then customise your notifications to suit your preferences.



Mortgage simulator New!

Simulate your mortgage directly in Web Banking. To do this, you can access the simulator from your dashboard.

Select the desired amount and repayment period, and then press on “Simulate a loan”.

You will then be redirected to a new page where you can also find all the details of the loan and adapt your simulation.

Then, click on the “Make me an offer” button and add your contact details, as well as the hourly time slot when you want to be called. Finalise the form by pressing on the “Send” button.

Submit an online loan application

From the dashboard, you can simulate a personal loan online based on your needs. Once you have completed the fields, click the “Simulate a loan” button. You will then be redirected to the “Loan” page to view the results.

You can also submit an online loan application by clicking on “My online application”. Next, complete the form and click confirm to send it for processing by our teams.

Your accounts

Opening of a new current account New!

To open a new account, select “Accounts” and click on the “Open an account” part in the right-hand column.

Select the account currency and the reason you want to open it, then confirm.

You can make a direct transfer to your new account once you have created it. Select the amount and the account to which you wish to make the transfer. Then press on “Confirm” to confirm the opening of the account

Search for transactions in the account details section    New!

To find a transaction, go to the account details section and use the search bar.

Enter a date, an amount or part of a description to bring up all relevant transactions in just one click.


When you log on, you will be directed straight to your dashboard which displays your balance and the last three transactions on your current account, savings account and your cards. To switch from one account or card to another, click the arrows on the right or left < >.

Click the account or card to access all your transactions.

The Dashboard also has shortcuts for making a transfer, direct access to all your accounts and transaction details, and access to your E-documents.

The Dashboard also gives important information, such as the expiry date of your Token etc.

Accounts menu

Check the status of your accounts and access your transaction details in the blink of an eye! All your accounts are there: current account, savings account, credit card, insurance policies and securities account.

To view the transactions on an account, simply click the relevant account.

Would you like to know the value of your accounts in a different currency? Click ‘Currency’ above your account balance.

To access your account information (features, bank account details [RIB], quick transfer from this account), click the ‘menu’ icon menu

Bank Account Identification

To access your Bank Account Identification, go to your Accounts and click the ‘menu’ icon at the end of the line menu

Two-year history of your transactions

View all your transactions from the last two years by scrolling down the page. Use your mouse to scroll through a two-year history of your transactions.

Debit notice on demand

Did you forget to tick the ‘debit notice’ box when you paid your doctor’s bill? From now on, you no longer have to wait for your monthly statement before you send your reimbursement request.

In your Payment menu, click your payment and then the PDF icon to display the debit notice (on condition that your transfer has been processed and can no longer be cancelled).

How can I see my other accounts?

If you have several accounts at BGL BNP Paribas (an account in your name only and a joint account, or a mandate for your children’s accounts or those of an association, for example), and you would like to switch from one to another, click the drop-down list in the bar at the top to see the home menu for each of your accounts.


Your investments


In the “Portfolio” menu, you can view your securities accounts and purchase or sell securities.

In the “Portfolio” sub-menu, you can access current orders through “Order book” and orders executed more than two days ago through “Order history”.


In the “Markets” section, you can find all the information about the financial markets: by financial instrument (shares, funds, etc.) or by index.

You can also search for a security by its name or ISIN code.

Your Payments

Payment menu: all your transfers

From the Payment menu, you have direct access to your transfers (one-off transfers or standing orders).

The menu lists your last three transfers, your upcoming standing orders and the last three beneficiaries used.

Click Make a transfer, select the account to be debited (even if you have just one account), then the account to be credited (select one from the list of beneficiaries or input the account details) and then select whether this is a one-off transfer or a standing order.

- one-off transfer to a registered beneficiary (or non-registered beneficiary). Once the transfer has been made, it is added to a list of pending transfers and will subsequently be assigned the status ‘sent’ or ‘rejected’.

- standing order for recurrent bills. To change the amount, beneficiary or frequency, click the standing order you have set up in the list of standing orders.

How do I find a transfer?

In your list of transfers (one-off or standing orders) you can use the filters to search by input or processed transfer, the beneficiary to whom you made the transfer, the date you made the transfer etc.

By default, one-off transfers are arranged by the date they were processed, but you can sort them by input date.

Download your transactions and transfers (.xls or .csv file)

In your account or card details you can download an Excel or CSV file with transactions or transfers covering a period of three months. You have a two-year history.

Click the download icon on the screens showing your account and card transactions, or on your transfer list. Then choose a time period or select a start and end date (three-month period) in the calendar.


Your cards

Monthly credit card statements

From the dashboard, you can access your "E-documents".

Under this section you can find your monthly Visa and Mastercard statements.

Credit card information

In your Accounts menu, click your credit card account to view your payments list, statement period, next automatic payment date, card settings (credit limit, expiry date etc).

The display allows you to see your monthly expenditure and your credit limit.

If you have several credit cards assigned to the same account, switch from one card to another by clicking the card name at the top of the screen.

Raise your credit card limit

Holidaying abroad? An unforeseen expense? You can raise your credit card limit in real time up to an additional €2,500 (per €100 tranche). The increase in your card limit is temporary and valid for 30 days.

There are two ways to raise your credit card limit:

  • from your Dashboard by clicking on “Limit” under the amount outstanding on your card
  • from the Accounts menu by clicking on your credit card menu

Discover the video

3D Secure: secure your online payments

To secure your online payments, please secure your credit cards with 3D Secure technology. To learn how to do this, click the 3D Secure logo beneath the list of your credit cards in your Accounts menu.


Mobile Payment

Activate the Digicash app

The Digicash app allows you to pay for your shopping and your bills from your smartphone.
Download the app, then activate it from the Payment menu on your Web Banking page.

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