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New year wishes 2019

New year wishes 2019

Being the bank for a changing world means continuing to improve the way we help our customers while contributing to more sustainable and equitable growth.

For each of its employees’ New Year wishes sent, BNP Paribas will donate 1 Euro to the Wildlife Works programme to support its development.

BNP Paribas chose to become carbon neutral in its own day-to-day operations as early as 2017. To achieve this goal, the Group is reducing its direct CO2 emissions on a daily basis through an active policy of energy efficiency. The Group’s commitment also includes the use of low-carbon power in all countries where possible. Furthermore, BNP Paribas is developing privileged partnerships with organisations such as Wildlife Works in order to offset its residual CO2 emissions.

One of their projects is a 200,000-hectare forest conservation programme in Kenya. This project also helps finance access to health care, water and education for the local population, as well as accompanying their economic development.

This year, BNP Paribas would like to complete its partnership with Wildlife Works by featuring it in its 2019 New Year Wishes campaign.

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