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FAQ Private Lease

FAQ Private Lease

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What's the difference between a Private Lease and a finance lease ?

A Private Lease is a long-term rental contract, also known as operational leasing. The differences with a standard lease are the purchase option conditions and the operational services included.

Financial leasing is a rental contract with a purchase option. In other words, at the end of the lease, the client has the option of buying the leased car by paying off the remaining cash value as defined when the contract was signed. Furthermore, this type of standard lease does not include operational services such as servicing, maintenance and assistance, etc.

A Private Lease is the hassle-free solution that lets you change your vehicle before the end of the contract. However, the client may buy the vehicle at the market price provided by Arval on request (three months prior to the end of the contract). Unlike a standard lease, it includes operational services such as servicing, maintenance, assistance and insurance, etc.

But the advantage of a Private Lease is that you can enjoy a brand-new car, with a wider range of services and personalised support during the contract, all for one fixed monthly cost throughout.

Negotiating the purchase price of your new car is entrusted to the leasing company, Arval Luxembourg.

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