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Budget control


Lease your new car, services included *.

Offered to residents of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg via Arval Luxembourg, a member of the BNP Paribas Group, Private Lease* is the ideal alternative to buying a car.

A new motoring solution

With Private Lease, you can enjoy total peace of mind as you drive without worrying about the upkeep of your car.

Your personalised new car

You choose your car: manufacturer, model, colour, options, etc.

A monthly lease payment that includes services*

Repairs and maintenance

Changing and storing tyres, regular servicing, mechanical repairs, mandatory technical checks.

Insurance, assistance and material damage cover**

civil liability and legal protection, breakdown cover throughout Europe, driver and passenger repatriation, replacement vehicle in the event of an accident, etc.


Breakdown cover/vehicle towing (24/7) throughout Europe, driver and passenger repatriation, replacement vehicle in the event of an accident.


Tax disk, registration tax and road tax.

Budget Control

A monthly lease payment with no upfront costs, varying according to the model of car, the term of the contract (36 to 60 months) and your chosen mileage. Knowing how much you will spend on your car over the course of your Private Lease contract makes it easy to fit it into your budget.

Private Lease – user guide

  1. You know the exact characteristics of the car you want (model, colour, options, etc.).
  2. Come into the nearest branch with the details of your car. An advisor will help you to achieve your vehicle project and will calculate your monthly Private Lease payment based on your preferred contract term and mileage *.
  3. Ready for the Private Lease experience? Our partner Arval Luxembourg, a long-term leasing specialist, will contact you to finalise your Private Lease contract and monitor its implementation.
  4. Arval Luxembourg is your single point of contact, for any issues/questions you may have about your car.

* Offer reserved for individuals, subject to approval of your application by BGL BNP Paribas and Arval Luxembourg. Insurance, tyres, material damage cover, taxes and regular servicing included. Fuel not included.

** Service provided by Arval Luxembourg.

Arval Luxembourg – 36, route de Longwy L-8080 Bertrange R.C.S. Luxembourg : B57655

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